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Bruce Charles, author of this site

An Anglican priest for 42 years, serving in the parishes of Castlemaine, South East Bendigo, Donald – Birchip, Newborough, Wonthaggi and Inverloch and finally in Moe. All in the state of Victoria, Australia.

After some five years of ill health, I have started doing some locum work.  In the past 5 years, I have done locums on the Coperating Parish of Churchill Boolarra and Yinnar, Morwell and Drouin, where I was locum for nearly two years.

Apart from locum work, I continue to research two books I am writing.  One on Prayer & Meditation with a strong emphasis on comparative religion (a short pamphlet version is available on this website Prayer & Meditation) and the other in epistemology `How do we know what we know’.

I am married to Marizel, with now 6 children due to a 2nd marriage.

During my 33 years of parish ministry, I focused on spirituality and social justice.

Prior to ordination, after leaving school, studied Arts – Law at Monash University from 1967 to 71.  Dropped law after 2nd year and moved from majoring in history honours to philosophy.

On graduating with an Arts degree, began studies at University New England in Armadale, New South Wales in a postgraduate philosophy degree.

After learning transcendental meditation and the lack of interdisciplinary opportunities in the academic world at the time, ceased further university study and followed my own path from 1972 until 1981.  During this time studied Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy, various Eastern religions, Theosophy and the study of numerology and astrology in particular, theology, including the works of St Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine, music and practised meditation.

After ordination, whilst walking the Christian way being always mindful of the human search for truth.

Foundations for this journey were established in my childhood, where my father, William Charles served on the British colonial service for 20 years.  He served in the Solomon Islands, Hong Kong, Nigeria and Zambia and completed his professional life teaching law at Monash University.

Living in each of these places during my childhood gave me an acute sense of the diversity of culture, the relativity of some values, importance of justice and the equality of all people.  These values were dear to my parents.

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