Reflections on Sunday Readings

This section has commentaries including the set readings from the common lectionary. The long-term aim is to have them posted well ahead of each Sunday. You are welcome to download them and use them to print out for Sunday worship. If you do this I would appreciate that you acknowledge where you obtained them.

The common lectionary is used by many churches throughout the world meaning that millions of Christians are focusing on the same readings each Sunday.

The lectionary is divided into 3 years: Year A, Year B, Year C.

The gospel is different for each year:

Year A   Matthew

Year B   Mark

Year C   Luke

John’s gospel is used instead of the gospel for the year, at various times during the church year where it is thematically appropriate.

Whatever our knowledge of the Scriptures, including their historical context, it is important that we don’t be overawed by feeling that we might not have enough knowledge to understand the Scriptures. There is great value in reading the particular passages and journalling your responses to it, that is, to make notes of what comes to mind or what you feel in your heart as you read the passage. For ultimately, reading Scripture is an encounter with the Living Word of God.

The points for reflection on each reading are designed to help you in this process.

This Year is Year B in the cycle and is first in the menu dropdowns

You can view and download an introductory pamphlet to the significance of the church year, here

Updated 9th May 2019

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