The topics grouped in this topic are the foundations for everything discussed on this site.  It would be pretentious to say that they are the foundations for a true philosophy of life but they are an attempt to be such.

Dealing with fundamentals, or first principles, is a very difficult and challenging task. A bit like a cat chasing its tail, sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it does not.  In technical  philosophical terms, it involves the relationship between ontology (the science of being or that which exists) and epistemology (the science of knowledge or how we know).  Traditionally, ontology seems to be treated as the ultimate subject of philosophy, yet in more modern times, epistemology has become more important.  The question of how we know what we know this in many ways prior to anything else that we can say about life.

In the page ‘The Existence of God’, we took a logical approach, whilst recognising that logic might not be the only way to know God, nor might it be the best way.  Now we have to deal with the issue of how we know God in more detail.  The first stage of this enquiry begins on the page ‘Human Knowledge and Revelation’.

The next page ‘God in creation‘ picks up the concluding paragraphs of ‘The Existence of God’ where we suggest that a true scientific method, acknowledges existence of God and that

“Science should be the study of how we experience God in the various particulars of existence are we look at and explore.

This leads us to seeing the whole of life as an exploration of and providing insights into, the nature of God.”

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